Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Will Your Feet be Shod this Halloween?

Check out these gorgeous shoes that Chelsea at The Vintage Chair (one of my all-time favorite blogs) made for her Halloween costume. She decided to go as a fake house plant. Clever, hah? She has been updating her readers from the conception of the idea, through production, to the finished product.

When I saw the pictures from the party, I told her it looked more like the latest couture fashion and less like a costume. It was so cool! She looked great! And the shoes? Well, they speak for themselves. 

She did such a great job on this costume that she thought of and made herself—right down to the shoes. Go here to see the rest of the costume and more costumes of her friends.



SHILL said...

love green love this post!!!

citysage said...

And that green nail polish! What a perfect touch!

Claire said...

i have never owned a pair of green shoes. i need to make plan... these are so different and striking.

kat said...

Agree that the nail polish finishes it off beautifully! A great eco friendly outfit.