Monday, March 2, 2009

Crazy about those Cons!

For some reason, I'm suddenly very into Converse, and I don't know why. They normally don't fit my feet very well, so I tend to buy a pair, wear them once, and then move on after my feet are throbbing. But it seems like they're fitting better these days, perhaps because I'm breaking them in. And with all the lovely colors and styles available, I feel temptation equal to that of a kid in a candy store!

Check out these latest offerings from Piperlime:

Of course, you can get Converse anywhere now too—Famous Footwear, Target, DSW...heck, even the Converse Web site itself. I spied these darling Cons at DSW yesterday, and I'll just say I was twitching when I had to put them back on the shelf (due to this purchase, which was more than I wanted to spend). But look at those cute bees on the yellow pair! How can you resist?

I'm particularly fond of these raspberry/pink fold-over high tops, but I can't find my size anywhere online. (Hint hint: I'm a size M6/W8, if you happen to see them and want to send me a link.) Hmmm...

And good golly, check out these Union Jack "The Who" hi tops! How cool are these???

Um, I'm thinking another pair or two are in my near future...what about you?