Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How Much is That Shoe in the Window?

Hello Beautiful!

On the way back to my car after tapas Friday night, Jessi and I saw this shoe store with its window display of lights gleaming on beautiful shoes in all their glory! They were having an Open House Party with wine and refreshments. Had we not just eaten and had a train to make, I'm sure we would have stopped in.

(That's me in the last picture—posing like a kid at Christmas. Or maybe I wasn't posing.)

Ciao Bella (or Hello Beautiful)) in Arlington Heights, IL. If you live in the area, it looks like a great little shoe boutique to try out. 



Claire said...

more than the shoes... the name caught my eye. have an italian guy friend who always says ciao bella whenever we see each other. special reminder : )

Chris said...

I love the last picture! So cute :)