Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Start 'em young

My sister Sam bought these mary jane baby socks as a gift for my cousin Quinn's wife, Jonneal, for her baby shower this weekend. Everyone oohed and ahhed over them, and thought they were just the neatest thing in the world. Where were these when I was a little tyke???

Anyhow, you can get them here, or just google "mary jane socks" and you'll find lots of retailers that carry this adorable footwear.



shill said...

adorable!!!how i wish it comes in my size :)

Claire said...

oh no... i'm getting broody again ; )

Char said...

I bought those for my niece and everyone just adores them! they also have them in ballet slippers and other "shoes". A great find!

xoxxo said...

So Cute! Our store carries the brand that does Mary Jane and a ton of other cute shoe/socks for babies and toddlers!