Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winter white a go-go

A coworker recently noticed I had purchased some white boots, and asked me if one could wear white in winter. To this I say, of course! Why not? Winter white can be really beautiful. And what better way to wear it than in the form of shoes. Designers have not slacked on this fashion trend in the least, judging by all the boots, booties, and pumps available in this pristine look. From CL by Chinese Laundry to Caparros, white is everywhere and in every shade, texture, and fabric. Why not give it a go-go yourself and see how pretty winter white can be?


(From DSW)


shill said...

love these!!! how cool are white shoes?!!

thevintagechair said...

those. I must have them.

Chris said...

I think they're gorgeous! Still waiting for mine to arrive—they're late. :(

I gotta check out that Etsy shop myself. Looks like some cool stuff there!

carolina bleu said...

i died